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Valmiki Nagar Neighborhood Educare Program is a joint effort between Aksharam Educational Foundation and a certain like-minded individuals from the Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600096. This is a community project, where residents of Valmiki Nagar contribute and support the education of academically promising and economically challenged students belonging to families that support Valmiki Nagar in various ways; for eg., kids of house maids, security guards of Valmiki Nagar.

Project Team:

1. Sri Raghuraman, Project Coordinator, Email: raghu1927@yahoo.co.in.

2. Sri Rajan Chandrashekharan, Coordinator on behalf of Aksharam Educational Foundation, Email: rajan.chandrashekharan@gmail.com.

3. Sri T.S.Sankaran, Email:tssankaran@airtelmail.in

4. Sri. Ganapathy Subramaniam, Email: ganapathy.india@gmail.com

5. Smt. Anuradha Venkatesh, Email: psvsify@sify.com.

6. Smt. Jayanthi Premchander.

Milestones Reached:

2009-10: Supported 10 students, with a total disbursement of Rs.12,260/-

2010-11: Increased support base to 22 students, with a total disbursement of Rs.33,000/-

                : Facilited scholarship to 2 under-graduate students through Aksharam Educational Foundation

                 : Working to setup a library for underprivileged students in Tiruvanmiyur (Work-In-Progress)

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