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Scholarships » How to apply for scholarship ?
If you are a student that meet the following conditions, you can approach with a request for scholarship:
  1. You are studying in Tamil Nadu (for logistics reasons we are not able to support students from other states/countries currently)
  2. You have completed at least 10th standard exams and looking to study further
  3. You have strong academic records (please support with relevant documents)
  4. You come from a financially challenged family (Please support with relevant documents about salary certificate of parents/guardian)

Please fill up the application form and send to Aksharam postal address or email to admin@aksharam.org.in.  We will contact you at the earliest after reviewing your application.  Please note that awarding of scholarship is only after subsequent due-diligence and review by the officers of Aksharam.

For further enquiries, you may send followup email through the website link contact us.
» Application Form
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