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Tenets of the Trust

  1. The sole consideration for the selection of a candidate is his/her academic promise and economic hardship.

  2. The Trust believes in complete and satisfactory support of a few students rather than minimal and negligible support to a large number.

  3. The selection of a beneficiary does not depend on other factors such as religion, caste or sex.
Operational Procedures

The operation of the Trust is entrusted to a management committee comprised of respected citizens and eminent members of academia. This committee is responsible for the execution of the mandate of the Trust.

The beneficiaries are primarily suggested by the educational institutions identified by the Trust. The management committee conducts extensive interviews of the candidate and his/her parents before deciding to extend support. The final decision on the list of beneficiaries is taken solely by the management committee.

In extending complete and satisfactory support to the beneficiary, the Trust bears the cost of expenditures that are encountered in the academic year such as the tuition fees, exam fees, library fees, etc. With the available funds on hand and the financial status of the beneficiary, the management also decides upon any kind of extra support each student needs like stationery, uniforms and other expenses on a case by case basis.

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