This was the first year of operation and 10 students at school level were selected for the academic year beginning June 1998.

 In the second year both school and collegiate students were supported. Some students previously supported by Aksharam at the school level were given continued support at the collegiate level.

 Aksharam supports many more students this year including school and collegiate students with increased diversity of beneficiaries across educational disciplines.

 Many exciting developments have taken place in the past year. These include the incorporation of Aksharam as a tax exempt organization in the United States, support for online and credit card based donations and the opening of a new bank account to support these activities.


 Aksharam continues to be a source of support to a growing number of students. The organization has been the receipient of several corporate matching grants over the past year. Additionally, Mr. Giridharan Bharathan, a long time volunteer has assumed the role of Treasurer to help streamline our operations in the United States.


 Many students supported by Aksharam through their school and collegiate education begin graduating this year. Alumni from schools in Trichy continue to generously donate to Aksharam.

Aksharam has a record setting year in terms of disbursements due to an increase in revenue. Students in almost every discipline are supported by Aksharam including the Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Vocational Training.
Aksharam continues to be a steady source of support to a large number of students at every level.

 Aksharam receives its first donations from students who were previous beneficiaries of Aksharam.


 Through word-of-mouth and based on feedback from liaisons from schools and current beneficiaries, a lot of students approach Aksharam for support. With significant increase in contribution from the volunteer community, Aksharam ups the ante and increases support a large number of collegiate students.

 Impact of global financial meltdown slowly reflecting ? With contributions slowing down, Aksharam was forced to scale down its operation in terms of students supported. New website launched. (

 With global uncertainty, contributions almost grounded. Even to continue support to existing students became a difficulty

Aksharam has renewed its operation with a new zeal, vigor and enthusiasm. Aksharam sets up operation centre in Chennai. Donations to the trust are now eligible for deductions under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961, vide DIT(E) No.2(693)09-10 dated 29th April 2010.

AEF Meet took place in January 2015

 AEF Meet 2017

AEF Meet 2018 


Engagement Events

Jan 2014



1. What is Aksharam ? .. an interactive session

2. My Aspiration .. Voice of Aksharam Scholars about their goals and aspirations

3. Hard work never fails .. A motivational talk by Sri Batcha

4. Value centered life .. a group activity facilitated by Sri Venkatakrishnan

5. How can I be more effective .. A motivational talk by Sri Sankar

6. Ethical Dilemmas .. a group activity facilitated by Sri Venkatakrishnan

» Values that guide our lives

» Feedback from students

Dec 2012


1. What is Aksharam ? .. an interactive session

2. Know Your Family .. getting to know each other

3. Ookkamadhu Kai Video .. Inspiration by Sri Pandiarajan

4. Power of Happiness .. A motivation talk by Sri T R Venkataraman

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