The concept of an educational trust fund was initially proposed by a group of like minded people who felt the need to help economically disadvantaged students. The decision to support economically backward but academically promising students was taken as all the members of the group could relate to this community, having seen firsthand many such students. It was also decided that to begin with, they would start the Trust in their home town of Trichy, India and hopefully with time and exposure it would expand to other places.


The modalities of operation, selection criteria, extent of support and eligibility were nailed down after considerable time and thought. The geographically diverse locations of the founding members made it necessary to organize a management committee in India to help run the Trust. Fortunately, a group of respected academicians and citizens came forward to assist them, acting as liaisons to local educational institutions and in selecting deserving candidates. With the basic infrastructure in place, Aksharam was officially registered as a charity organization in India in May 1998.


The founding members and donors hope that one day, when the beneficiaries of the Trust have progressed to a level of self-sufficiency and comfort, they will endeavour to pass on the goodwill through Aksharam or similar organizations of their choice.


Now, with the support of various like-minded and generous individuals, Aksharam has been privileged to have supported more than 200 students in their school and collegiate level education. In the process, Aksharam has disbursed close to Indian Rs.40Lakhs to various students. Today, we are slowly expanding our support network to Chennai, in addition to our starting point of Trichy, Tamil Nadu.


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